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How It Works

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The first thing you'll want to do is join free and activate your 14-day All Access Trial including 40,000+ streaming video guitar lessons, a free course download, and up to 50% off your first download with a promo code and TrueFire Cash bonus deposit.

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Next: Explore the 3 Ways to Learn, Practice, and Play

While there are many learning experiences available at TrueFire, there are three core ways to learn, practice and play. As a TrueFire student, you have the flexibility to create a learning program that best fits your needs and preferences. Study on your own, enroll in an online workshop with personalized feedback, or get 1-on-1 private instruction from a top educator.

1. Courses Interactive Video Software For Self-Study

Self-Study Instruction
Craft your own study program and work through an interactive video course from beginning to end or cherry-pick your favorite lessons. Control all aspects of your learning experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum
A world-class educator presents an in-depth course of study, in a specific style or technique, including harmonic concepts, performance examples, playalongs, analysis and insight.

Interactive Video Lessons
Interactive features and functions include standard notation, Power Tab, Guitar Pro, jam tracks, playback controls, video looping, slow-mo, tuner, metronome and other learning tools.

Offline and Online Accessibility
Interactive video courses are available as instant downloads, as mobile apps or as streaming video on TrueFire TV. Most are also available on our iPad app. Study anywhere, anytime in the format of your choice.

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2. Workshops Topic-Specific, 8-Week Online Learning Programs

Personalized Instruction from a Top Educator
As you work through the 8-week curriculum, your instructor will monitor your progress and guide you through each of the weekly assignments based on your needs.

Video Messaging
Your instructor provides weekly video lessons and assignments. When you've completed your assignment, you'll send video to your instructor for assessment and feedback.

Accelerated Lesson Plan
Focus on a specific subject, over the eight-week period, to achieve a higher level of competency in a particular style or technique. Download all videos at completion for future reference.

Social Learning Environment
While you'll interact privately with the workshop instructor, you'll also have the opportunity to join in group activities with other students following the same curriculum.

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3. Classrooms
Private Online Instruction With Customized Lesson Plans

Ongoing 1-on-1 Instruction from a Top Educator
Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, while studying with a top educator of your choice who specializes in the learning methods and techniques of your preferred style.

Customized Lesson Plans
Your instructor will customize a lesson plan for you based on your goals, initial assessment, available practice time and current level of play. The lesson plan evolves as you progress.

Video Messaging
Your instructor sends you video lessons and personalized assignments. When you've completed your assignment, you'll send video to your instructor for assessment and feedback.

Social Learning Environment
While you'll study privately with your instructor, you'll also have the opportunity to interact with other students in group activities such as jams, video sharing and discussion feeds.

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