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Free Online Guitar Tuner

Learn How to Tune A Guitar with TrueFire

How to Use this Online Guitar Tuner

  1. Click the “Start Chromatic Tuner” button
  2. Allow access to your device’s microphone
  3. Start playing each string individually
  4. Adjust each string until you see a green dot
  5. Start playing the guitar!

Once each string shows a green dot in the guitar tuner, you’ll be good to go with standard tuning (EADGBE). To be exact, from low to high, standard guitar tuning is three intervals of a fourth (low E to A, A to D, and D to G), followed by a major third (G to B), followed by one more fourth (B to the high E).

Recommended Guitar Tuners

While using our free online guitar tuner is easy and convenient, sometimes you need a physical guitar tuner. Here are some of the best guitar tuners we recommend:

Snark Guitar Tuner

Snark Rechargeable Clip-On Guitar Tuner

The Snark Rechargeable is a fantastic new addition to the company's clip-on tuner family. It features all the same tried-and-true Snark tuner features with a new, USB-charging capacity. A single charge on this amazing tuner lasts weeks — no batteries needed! And like all Snark tuners, it comes with their beloved hyper-tuning software for fast, reliable tune-ups.

Roadie 3 Guitar Tuner

Roadie 3 Automatic Guitar Tuner

For years, players have entrusted Band Industries's Roadie automatic tuners for quick string changes and pitch-perfect accuracy. Now, with the Roadie 3, players can tune up and start playing faster than ever, thanks to a high-speed 120 rpm motor in a comfortable handheld design. Upgraded vibration detection makes for excellent tuning accuracy, and it's super versatile.

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