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About TrueFireThe Leader in Online Guitar Lessons

Over 2 million guitar players worldwide learn, practice, and play with TrueFire. Our interactive learning tools and a massive library of over 50,000 video lessons help guitarists ignite their technical skills, harmonic knowledge, rhythm playing, and soloing.

TrueFire’s educators are the best in the biz. From GRAMMY Award winners to world-renowned artists, TrueFire students have access to an unparalleled faculty of over 300 top-notch blues, rock, jazz, country, and acoustic guitar educators.

Using TrueFire’s desktop and mobile apps, guitarists work with multi-angle HD video lessons on any device, anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

Integrated learning tools such as video synced tab and notation, slo-mo, looping, and practice jam tracks accelerate the learning experience.

TrueFire’s style-specific Learning Paths guide guitarists every step of the way. Use the assessment tools to find your starting point, then follow the lesson recommendations, and track your progress as you work through your personalized TrueFire study plan.

Guitar players can progress faster with private one-on-one instruction, group lessons, multi-track video jams, live streams, song lessons, premium tracks, and much more.

With thousands of five-star ratings and reviews from amateur and pro players alike, you’ll find yourself in good company with the world’s most comprehensive guitar learning platform.

Grab your guitar and ignite your musicality!

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An Overview of TrueFire


Self-study Courses are the core way to learn at TrueFire, and we have over 600 courses in our library covering all skill levels, styles, techniques, and topics. In each course, a world-class educator presents an in-depth course of study, in a specific style or technique, including harmonic concepts, performance examples, playalongs, analysis and insight. Interactive features and functions include standard notation, Power Tab, Guitar Pro, jam tracks, playback controls, video looping, slow-mo, tuner, metronome and other learning tools.

Craft your own study program and work through an interactive video course from beginning to end or cherry-pick your favorite lessons and add them to your favorites or a playlist. You can even mark lessons as Incomplete, In Progress, or Complete to track your progress. You control all aspects of your learning experience!

All courses are available as instant downloads or as streaming video on the web and via our iOS and Android apps. Courses are enabled with interactive video synced tab and fretboard view, which is the ultimate way to learn online.

Study anywhere, anytime in the format of your choice. Upgrade to an All Access Monthly or Annual Plan for unlimited streaming access to all courses for as long as you stay subscribed.

TrueFire Courses

Learning Paths

Think of Learning Paths as roadmaps through the TrueFire course library. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced guitar player, TrueFire's Learning Paths will take your playing to the next level with an accelerated, hands-on study plan.

You'll play your way through the entire curriculum ‐ no reading music, no boring exercises, no tedious theory to struggle through! The Learning Path system will first help you assess your current level of play, and then present you with a personalized curriculum of courses presented by TrueFire's world-class guitar educators.

Track your progress as you work your way through each course presented in the Learning Paths, and see your overall Learning Path progress as you strive for guitar greatness.

TrueFire Learning Paths

Private Lessons

TrueFire Online Classrooms give you the opportunity to get personalized, 1-on-1 instruction from an instructor of your choosing on pretty much any topic. You also can get an individual private lesson from an instructor.

Working on your own is great for some players, but others need that extra guidance to get out of the rut. Our online classrooms are truly a social learning experience, with threaded discussions, unlimited video messaging with your instructor, and much more. Best of all, it all happens on shifted time so you never have to worry about appointments or scheduling snafus.

TrueFire Private Online Lessons

In The Jam

TrueFire's In The Jam delivers an unparalleled jamming experience for the practicing musician. The next best thing to being there live, In The Jam puts YOU in the jam with top artists.

Each edition of In The Jam includes 10 multi-track video jams organized into separate video and audio tracks for each of the instruments. You can mute, solo or adjust the volume of any track. Plus, each jam includes a lead sheet chart showing the chord changes and general structure of the jam.

There's no better way to develop your improvisational skills than getting up on the bandstand and jamming with a solid rhythm section and other players. In The Jam brings that bandstand into your practice room!

TrueFire In The Jam

Jam Tracks, Audio Lessons, & Learning Tools

Beyond our vast library of Courses, many of which come with their own jam tracks and tab, and In The Jams, we also have a number of killer learning tools at your disposal.

For example, our Free Jam Track Library has over 200 practice rhythm tracks across all styles, keys and tempos including lead sheets. You also can pick up Premium jam Packs, which feature jam tracks recorded live in the studio by top session players or self-produced by our own top artists and educators. Styles range from blues to rock to jazz to funk and everything in between.

All jam tracks are presented in MP3 format and also include a PDF lead sheet illustrating the chord changes. The instant downloads come as ZIP files compatible with Windows, Mac, & Linux computers. You also can access all your jam tracks in our JamBox iOS app.

We also have an enormous library (1,200+!) of audio guitar lessons — but we don’t just leave you hanging with just an audio clip — you get a fully interactive lesson. For example, years and years of lessons from Guitar Player magazine are downloadable, and you’ll get audio from the original lesson, a PDF of the original page, plus a PowerTab version of the music notation. You also can access all audio lessons in our Guitabulary iOS app.

Finally, we have a great online tuner, metronome, and a bunch of handy-dandy guitar chord charts. All of these tools are 100% free. Check them each out and use wisely!

TrueFire Learning Tools

Blog, Riff Journal, & Student Forum

In addition to our vast library of content and suite of interactive learning tools, we also have a bunch of resources meant to inspire, inform, and entertain you.

Our blog, The Punch-In, is where you'll find everything from free guitar lessons, to announcements, to interviews, and even some fun viral videos. Check in often to see what's happening around the world of TrueFire and guitar.

Riff Journal is our digital magazine, designed to celebrate TrueFire artists and educators. We’ll tell you stories about them, share exclusive lessons from them (even some of their scrapbook pics), and tickle your ears with their music. You’ll also be treated to a variety of music-centric features to stimulate your own creativity and musicality. Riff is free to you (also free of advertising) and our way of saying thanks to you, our fellow guitar playing friends and students, for your support and loyalty.

Finally, our Student Forum is a great place to hang and dig deeper with other TrueFire Students. Chime in there to seek advice or see what the insiders are talking about.

TrueFire Riff
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