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Founded in 1991, TrueFire collaborates with 600+ top educators to produce what Guitar Player Magazine calls "the planet's largest and most comprehensive selection of online guitar instruction."

500,000+ pro and amateur students from 200+ countries "learn, practice, and play" with TrueFire's interactive self-study courses and patented learning systems for online workshops and classrooms, which provide personalized assessment and lesson plans from instructors.

TrueFire's course library features over 25,000 interactive video guitar lessons covering all styles, techniques and levels. Lessons are presented in a variety of formats spanning disks, downloads, streaming, mobile apps, online workshops and classrooms.

Practice smart and play hard with TrueFire!

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TrueFire HQComprised primarily of artists and musicians, TrueFire's team is passionate about music education and has a broad technology expertise that has earned them over 70 international creative, marketing, video and technology awards.

TrueFire's proprietary technologies and patented methods for presenting online music lessons allow educators to provide personalized one-on-one and group instruction to students anywhere in the world.

TrueFire's Headquarters is located in sunny St. Petersburg, FL, where we have an incredible 3,000+ square foot building to ourselves and a fun, laid-back work environment. No dress codes, flexible vacation, and full benefits. We work smart and we play hard!

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"In my search around the Internet for good guitar learning tools, TrueFire stands out above all others. There just isn't anything better." - Rolf Larssen

"TrueFire just keeps getting better and better! The quality of instruction is second to none. If you play the guitar or are looking to learn how to play, TrueFire is definitely the place to start." - Michael Rogala

"This is truly a true fire way of advancing, achieving, and accomplishing your desires as a musician." - Ted Peliggi

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