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5 Days to Perfect Practice

Welcome to TrueFire! To kick off the learning experience, we are greeting new Students with an introductory educational series called "5 Days to Perfect Practice."

We've tapped several of our top educators and closest friends in high places to learn what makes for effective, efficient guitar practice.

Naturally, we don't expect you to absorb it all in five days, but we want to make it all available to you right out of the gate.

Review each phase of the program as it arrives, absorb what you can, and hold on to it for later reference.

This way you'll always have access to the knowledge offered here, plus you'll gain a greater understanding of all that's available under TrueFire's roof to help you experiment and grow as a player.

When all five phases are in your mind — and under your fingers — you will truly be on the road to Perfect Practice!

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