Will Sophie About the Educator

Will Sophie is a true multi-talented multi-instrumentalist as you can hear when you listen to his music and study his courses; drums, bass, guitar, lapsteel and keys: he plays them all! When Will was 14 years old, he picked up the guitar after already having discovered the drums. His older sister taught him his first chords, but it wasn't until 2 years later the spark created a fire when he saw a live show on TV of the southern rock formation "The Outlaws."

Will was awestruck when he heard the enormous power of the 3 guitar line up of that band. He started listening to lots of guitar players, such as Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and Richie Blackmore. After this "British phase" he became inspired by southern rock music again in the late 70's when he joined his hometown band "Mountbatten." This band was one of the rare southern rock bands in The Netherlands at that time. It was there that things really started rolling, learning Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd songs and building his now formidable chops. Although his musical roots lie in southern rock, Will is a consummate professional having toured internationally with the cream of the crop in the Dutch blues, rock and musical scene.

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