Ton van Bergeijk About the Educator

Ton van Bergeijk is a Dutch musician: guitar, banjo, ukuleles, harmonicas, and vocals. Ton was raised in the classical tradition with theory and piano lessons. As a youngster in the 60's he played in a duo with guitarist and vocalist Philip Kroonenberg, mainly on harmonica, ukulele, and vocals. Later in the 70's, he played as a solo guitarist on Stefan Grossman's Kicking Mule label. After a short career in IT, he became a professional musician. The increasing technical complexity of his fingerpicking guitar solos appeared to frustrate him and finally lead him to acoustic rhythm guitar ("there's nothing as difficult as something easy").

He has played in rhythm sections of various bands and orchestras: The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra (an orchestra that specialized in sad ballads), The Izzies (a radio and TV combo) and The Beau Hunks (an "archeological" orchestra reconstructing various lost orchestral scores); the latter also recording in combination with the famous Metropole Orchestra. From 2004-2015, he was a member of the internationally renowned Dutch Swing College Band. Apart from performing on rhythm guitar and vocals in a variety of bands and orchestras, he also teaches various fingerpicking styles as well as American Swing style rhythm guitar. His favorite hobby is spending time with his wife, Susie, with whom he shares a host of secondary hobbies: harmony singing, collecting cookbooks, wine drinking, and birdwatching while picnicking.

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