Stephen Mougin About the Educator

It didnt happen on accident. For Stephen Mojo Mougins career trajectory, it was fate: when Bill Monroe signed Stephen Mougins mandolin at the Peaceful Valley Bluegrass Festival in summer 1988, and then used it in a workshop. Talk about a good omen, because now Stephen Mougin is one of the most respected Jack-of-All-Trades in acoustic music. A compassionate teacher, compelling touring guitarist, natural songwriter, sought-after producer, and gifted sound engineer, Stephen Mougin is a go-to guy for pretty much anything under the musical sun.

Taking a leap into the world of playing music professionally, Mougin moved from the East Coast to Nashville in 2002 to play mandolin with Valerie Smith, but soon switched to playing guitar.

In 2006, Mougin began his role as Sam Bushs main guitar man in the Sam Bush Band. The music is wonderful, and the people are wonderful, Mougin says. Sam [Bush] has taught me a lot about band leadership and how things work. Playing with a supportive band leader made Mougin feel more empowered in his career, which lead him to pursue other creative outlets like Nedski and Mojo, his duo with banjo player Ned Luberecki.

Mougin is also a songwriter. He has several songs to his name recorded by bluegrass artists like The Infamous Stringdusters, Melanie Cannon, Fragment, The Bankesters, Terry Baucom, Cages Bend, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, The Rigneys, Missy Werner, Kristi Cox, and Nedski and Mojo.

Stephen Mougin exemplifies a renaissance man for the music world. He is always seeking new ways to create, explore, grow, and develop all for the sake of making music, and helping others. For all his credits and accolades, youd be surprised at his friendly, trustworthy, and approachable demeanor.

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