Robbie Calvo About the Educator

Nashville-based session player, songwriter, musical director and master educator Robbie Calvo has earned countless accolades and awards for his contributions and performances in Guitarist of the Year finals, songwriting competitions, PBS TV themes and ABC TV productions.

Calvo's pedigree as a musician is well established, however his passion for education and work as an educator has earned him international acclaim making him "one of the most sought-after instructors walking the planet today."

Thousands of amateur and pro students, from over 80 countries, have benefited from Calvo's workshops and published study programs. Calvo's interactive, hand-on learning systems impart knowledge and skills that can be applied to any style of music.

Calvo's most recent published works include his patented Sweet Notes approach to improvisation, RhythmCraft and companion SoloCraft systems for rhythm and soloing applications and Modal Expose for soloing over changes. All have earned spots on TrueFire's best-seller list.

Calvo also thrives in the live arena, whether it's playing guitar with Nashville-based artist, Matthew James or hosting seminars in the US with his educational programs, Guitar Interactives and Stage Brave.

Stage Brave, Calvo's enlightening educational programs on the art of overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety provide life perspectives and techniques to empower any performer with confidence, regardless of their personal stage.

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