Matthieu Brandt About the Educator

Matthieu Brandt is a guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, Appalachian style banjo player and bandleader based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, where he has a highly successful teaching practice emphasizing songwriting. He has studied and played with some of the great guitar players walking this planet, has organized master classes and has been teaching guitar for over 25 years.

He started out as a fingerstyle blues guitar player and later moved on to playing in a string of electric blues bands covering all the important blues styles under the sun. From jump to rock blues, from Mississippi to Chicago and back to Texas; Matt has played it all. He's ventured into jazz playing with his own quartet and even did a stint in a big band, playing Freddie Green style backup. Currently, Matthieu sees himself as a singer songwriter, is recording his fourth solo album with all original material, and has taken to playing the open back 5-string banjo.

As a long-time TrueFire Educator, Matthieu is now running a TrueFire satellite studio in Amsterdam to help facilitate productions with European artists and educators.

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