Matthew Lee About the Educator

Matthew Lee has been involved in the Nashville music scene for over a decade. In his time in Nashville he's played thousands (yes thousands ) of gigs at the various clubs down on the lower broadway scene and has developed his own style and approach to the art of country guitar playing. In addition to his many live performances Matthew has been featured on many recording sessions with several artists , been and band leader for a National Touring act, played on the Grand Ole Opry, and been featured on both radio and television.

His unique style of blending country/western/swing/slide/bends and many other techniques and sounds has set him apart from from the ever growing and very competitive Nashville scene. In this channel he will discus many of the different ways he approaches music and the guitar and how to apply many of the concepts to your playing to bring out the best you have to offer while sounding unique but still true to who you are as a player. His teaching style is a well crafted brew of experience, technique, academic and most important from the heart.

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