Marko Karhu About the Educator

Marko Karhu is a Finland based guitarist. He has performed locally with many top Finnish artists since the mid '90s. His music styles have varied quite a bit. He also got to tour Europe while being a member of the Ben Granfelt Band for a few years. Marko enjoyed playing with Ben a lot, as the blues-rock style was close to his heart and the band has a jamming mentality with sometimes open song structures. Not to mention the double guitar harmonies.

Marko started playing guitar at the age of eleven. The first guitar riff he learned was the intro of ”Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Learning that riff basically meant that the guitar took over in his life. Shortly after he got into a local conservatory in mid-Finland. And at the age of 16, he went into a music high school.

After high school, at the age of 19, Marko moved to Hollywood for over a year and attended The Musicians Institute. That year was a game-changer for him and he gravitated from being mainly a hard rock guitar player into a more of an all-round guitarist. His musical world truly opened up after hearing players like Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, John Schofield, etc playing live. Not to mention the wonderful teachers at GIT. While being in the USA he got more interested in blues, jazz, and funk too. Today he still loves a bluesy vibe in music and calls playing the blues a dear hobby.

Marko has always been a guitar gear lover and since 2012 he has also been a member of Mad Professor Amplification, a Finnish manufacturer for effects pedals and amps. You can visit Mad Professor´s Youtube channel and catch his skillful and versatile playing on product demo videos.

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