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Berklee, and NYU Alumni - Mark Stanley has been a studio/touring guitarist for, among others, Love and Rockets, Clutch, Andy Partridge, Spookey Ruben, Kristeen Young, Chainsaw Jazz, Lordz of Brooklyn, Spirit Gang, Smit Haus and Enemy (with Troy Van Leeuwen of A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age).

He has also been the singer/songwriter and guitarist for The Swarm, Farquhar, and Handsome (formerly on Epic w/ members of Helmet, Low Pop Suicide, and The Chromags).

Stanley has also been involved in scoring several major motion pictures including She¹s So Lovely and Masterminds, as well as a play with Alan Arkin in 1998 called 'Power Plays' that ran for a year at the Promenade Theater on Broadway. This was not his only stop on Broadway - as he played the guitar for the Broadway Musical Refer Madness in 2001.


20th Century Guitar Magazine(10/02) Insect Warrors finds Stanley in the fine company of like-minded musicians such as drummer Dennis Chambers and former Pat Metheny bassist Mark Egan. Tracks like "Giant Ants", "Angeldust (Butterflys and Stuff)" and "The Beetles" will magnetize jazz-rockers with some far-out strange and beautiful sounds. Stanley is no stranger to exotic musical extravaganza.  Check out his brilliant, mostly vocal nine track CD, Blueberry Submarines as well as self-titled albums with his groups Spirit Gang and Farquhar."

Billboard Magazine(8/01)
"Stanley¹s latest, Living Machine,is an eclectic brew, featuring innovative songwriting and great vocals"

Prognosis ( & Reviews: MJBrady:(7/02)"A well schooled musician/ guitarist is Mark Stanley, but if players like Al DiMeola represent the astute and disciplined pristine students of these institutions of higher education in music, Mark Stanley, by listening to this music would represent the proverbial Bad Boy, or class clown." "I must say that Stanley is an excellent guitarist, he has the same raw, blues/jazz fusion technique that Scott Henderson uses, with chops galore, and an endless array of them."

Jazztimes (7/02)Mark Stanley's Insect Warriors (Sir Eel)"combining rock-shred instincts with harmonic fusion savvy." (Tony Green) (7/02)"If George Clinton's mothership sat in for Kevin Eubanks and the Tonight Show band, this might be the head-scratching result."

Guitar Nine Recrods (6/02) "Š..brilliant compositions, vocals and guitar work" "Fans of Stanley's earlier work will jump on this latest release"

Vintage Guitar Magazine (1/03)"ŠStanley can raise hell on guitar"

All About Jazz (10/02)
"Mahavishnu meets Zappa in Lovecraft's game room." "Stanley is one hellacious guitarist"

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