Marcy Marxer About the Educator

Two-time Grammy winner Marcy Marxer is the Queen of Swing. A master of several stringed instruments, Marcy is extraordinarily dialed into traditional roots music be it old-time country, folk, bluegrass and of course swing. Marxer has over 50 recordings to her credit and has been honored with 8 Signature Model Instruments from C.F. Martin & Co. (the MC3H Acoustic Guitar and MM5-17T tenor guitar), Gold Tone Instruments (CEB-4-MM model Cello Banjo), National Reso-Phonics (MM Triolean Tenor Guitar) and Kala, Talsma and Ken Miller Signature Model Ukuleles.

Marcy has been featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and their special editions of Ukulele Magazine and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. She has also written articles for all of the above. Marcy also happens to be a very gifted instructor, which will serve you quite well in this introduction to swing guitar rhythm playing. If you know how to tune your guitar and already have a few chords under your belt, Marcy will get you up, running and swingin' in no time at all.

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