Ladd Smith About the Educator

Once in a blue moon, a new artist comes across your path in a way that makes you go; "Why haven't I heard of this guy before!?" In a world that seems over-saturated by acts desperately trying to authentically connect, Ladd Smith has single-handedly revived my optimism for the next generation of emerging performers.

A young pioneer of the burgeoning "Parlor Pop" & "Red Dirt" genres, Ladd's original songs are an equally tasteful blend of Nashville word-smithing, melted into the timeless melodies and simple elegance of The Beatles. I believe he is exactly what is missing in today's fast-food music industry.

As his name suggests, Ladd has a natural boyish charm. A mischievous smile with a quick wit and wild imagination; but there's an old soul in this Stillwater, Oklahoma native. It feels like you're already listening to a classic every time you hear his rich baritone carry a handcrafted chorus. To see Ladd live is to experience electric charisma and acoustic energy. You can tell he genuinely loves his audience. There's something about the way he connects with every single person in the room that makes you feel like his music is an important part of your story.

You should know, it's not just his instantly recognizable voice & blonde curls that will make you swoon! Having grown up in a music store in Nashville, Ladd plays just about any instrument you can think of. However, he is a true guitar virtuoso. He's been on numerous recordings as a session guitarist since he was a teenager and he beat out over 6000 other guitarists to be crowned Guitar Player Magazine's International Guitar Hero. Guitar God, Joe Satriani, had this to say: "Amazing. I couldn't play like that in a million years!" Often performing with legends of the instrument like Thom Bresh, Tommy Emmanuel & Muriel Anderson, Ladd is well respected among the world's greatest instrumentalists as an honest force to be reckoned with. Always a part of Ladd's live show, his finger-dancing leaves eyes dazzled, ears twisted, minds boggled & souls stirred.

Over the last year, I've had the privilege of being among the first to hear a collection of Ladd's latest material, as he's been preparing to record his next highly-anticipated studio album and I can confidently say that you will need new socks! This is the year of Ladd Smith. Get ready to go barefoot." -Lyric Everly -

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