Karan Andrea About the Educator

Karan Andrea is a singer, songwriter and guitar player. Her album "Desolation Hero" received critical approval from Maverick Magazine in the UK, and she has been called "...arguably the smartest woman musician in all of upstate New York." by Elliott Randall, guitarist (Steely Dan, and many others), producer, and composer.

In regards to Guitar Playes Wanted: Vocals a Plus, Karan says, "I used to teach English literature to athletes, and I quickly learned that if I made the material relevant to their own lives, and if I drew comparisons when I could between the physical and the intellectual, they got it. I used the same idea when I created this course. I thought about the cognates between the guitar and the voice. How each produces sound, what knowledge crosses over, and what concepts are most important to understand. What I came up with was a couple pages of notes and exercises, and a few anatomical drawings printed from websites – the kernel of this course. I did my schpiel, and I couldn't believe how receptive these guys were to what I was telling them. They really got it! I realized pretty quickly, having been around musicians of every skill level, that there was a need for a somewhat casual, but factually accurate approach to singing."

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