Jimmy Reiter About the Educator

German guitarist, singer and songwriter Jimmy Reiter picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and developed a strong interest in blues music when he was a teenager. A quick learner, he could be found playing on jam sessions in his home town of Osnabrueck regularly by the time he was 16.

It didn't take long for the rest of the musicians to take notice of the youngster's talent, and quite a few of them began to use Jimmy on their gigs. As some of the more well-known expatriate American blues musicians in Europe became aware of him, Jimmy began playing gigs with Guitar Crusher, Chicago blues lady Angela Brown, and singer/harmonica player Keith Dunn.

In 1999, Jimmy Reiter met harmonica wizard Doug Jay from Washington, D.C., and joined his band Doug Jay & The Blues Jays. Over the next few years, numerous tours throughout all of Europe followed and two albums (Jackpot! and Under The Radar, both on CrossCut Records) were released. Both records received great reviews in the international blues press.

After more than 10 years as lead guitarist with Doug Jay as well as supporting player for numerous international blues artists (such as Larry Garner, Big Daddy Wilson, Albie Donnelly and Memo Gonzalez) on their European tours, Jimmy released High Priest of Nothing in 2011, his solo debut as a front man.

The CD, winning the German Record Critics' Award and gaining praise by fans and critics alike, launched his career as a bandleader and frontman in his own right. Extensive European touring quickly established the Jimmy Reiter Band as a class act in the international Blues scene, and on his latest release Told You So, Reiter once again shows his talents as a guitarist and singer, and proves to be a convincing songwriter, firmly rooted in the tradition of Blues and R&B, but with a fresh style of his own.

In addition to fronting his own project, Jimmy Reiter is a welcomed guest on studio albums of other artists, such as Love Is The Key by Big Daddy Wilson, Keith Dunn's Collection, Kinky At The Root by Dede Priest, and Shake-Down by Chad Strentz.

Jimmy Reiter was recently awarded the "BiG Award" as Best Contemporary Blues Artist in Germany of 2015.

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