Jac Bico About the Educator

Dutch artist Jac Bico grew up in the 60’s with, of course, The Beatles and The Stones, but it wasn’t until he heard Jimi Hendrix’ “Voodoo Chile” on the radio, that he was blown away by the electric guitar and realized that this is what really made him tick. Though he studied guitar on the Conservatory in Utrecht, Holland, he considers himself a self-taught player. A generalist, who developed various skills and a broad vocabulary in pop and rock styles. Jac did countless studio sessions for national and international artists, radio and tv shows, films and series and shared the stage with Doe Maar, Lois Lane, Mathilde Santing, Niagara (F). In addition he had his own bands that made several albums and toured extensively, like Tambourine, BeeSwamp and Powderblue. Lately he’s been doing several theatre show and musicals. Alongside this activities Jac has always been a enthusiastic and sought-after guitar teacher.

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