Erich Andreas About the Educator

My name is Erich Andreas, AKA “Your Guitar Sage." I have been playing and teaching guitar for over 30 years and absolutely LOVE my "job". One of the most exciting things for me is getting my guitar knowledge into the heads and hands of my students.

As a player/teacher in Nashville, Tennessee, I have been exposed to some of the world's best players in REAL worlds scenarios. From this experience, my musical education and my passion for music I pride myself in simplifying otherwise difficult concepts. It thrills me to "enlighten" musicians in areas they thought were not attainable!

I started teaching guitar in high school to my buddies who didn't understand music theory and/or how to get past certain musical "humps". Several decades, 100's of students and 1000s of lessons later, I have authored several best-selling books about music/guitar, have hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers for my guitar lessons and have over 42,000,000 views. I have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal for my teaching style and am now gratefully HERE(TrueFire), after winning TrueFire's Next Top Guitar Instructor.

I am honored to be a part of the Truefire team and am honored that you might allow me to show you a thing or two on the guitar. I have a few mottos that have helped me over the years with my journey on the guitar:

1. You can learn guitar from just about anybody, EVEN someone who is not as experienced as you. If your ears and eyes are open, you WILL learn SOMETHING.

2. Practice trumps talent any day. ALL the greats practiced to show themselves approved. NO great guitarist was born that way. Practice deliberately and practice often!

3. You need TWO things to excel as a player: 1. Learning resources and 2. Tenacious practicing. Hopefully I can help you with the resources part!

"He who gives his life away will find it!"

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