Dmitry Lisenko About the Educator

"It's better to be a good street cleaner, than a bad musician"

Ive been playing bass guitar since I was 16 years old, but thats a piece of advice that stands out to me. It wasnt just any advice, though. It was criticism from a teacher as I was rejected from a music school. It was my first feedback from a professional. But it was far from the last.

Since then, Ive performed across Europe and released a solo album of original compositions. Ive won several bass guitar competitions, including the 2015 Russian Bass Player Competition, and Ive appeared at festivals like the London Bass Guitar Show, Bass Day St. Petersbourg, Bazzday 2016 in Moscow and the Warwick Bass Camp. My work has been published by the likes of Ultimate Guitar, Candyrat records, ibassmag, NoTreble, Bass The World and many others.

I started out busking on the street, later Ive studied bass guitar at London Music University. Ive signed endorsement deals with Warwick and Gallistrings. I've been actively performing, touring, and recording in with bands in all possible genres of music. I created a community for acoustic bass guitarists, Im a member of Bass Players United, and to top it all off, I started Karmafree together with my wife.

Through all those experiences, Ive brought my own unique style and approach to my instrument. I guess it just goes to show you: some people just arent meant to be street cleaners.

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