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Indie Courses

Indie Courses are video course downloads produced independently from TrueFire. Often recorded in educators’ home studios, these products present fresh educational concepts and effective teaching methodologies. Indie Courses are exclusively available for purchase in the educator’s channel store and can be downloaded via the TrueFire apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Indie Courses are NOT included in the All Access streaming plan as they are self-produced outside of TrueFire's studios.

  • Multi-Angle Videos
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Video Tab Sync
  • Slo-Motion
  • Looping
  • Progress Tracking
  • Video Lessons
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As an All Access Student, you can stream the standard version of this song lesson. However, if you'd like to download the standard version for offline access or access the premium multi-track version (which also includes the standard version), you must purchase the download.

As an All Access Student, you can stream this course on any device. However, if you'd like to download this course for offline access and own it forever, you can purchase this course now.

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