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Watch the Stretch Etude: online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from Fingerstyle Milestones

I'm going to give you this little exercise now, and it's tough, it's a hard little exercise. But that's because that part of the song, where the exercise is found, is the hardest part of the song. And just in general, when you're working on songs and arrangements and you find passages that are really difficult, you should concentrate on them and practice them, and try to get the whole arrangement so it all moves smoothly. It takes time and diligence to smooth out those bumps in the road. So this is the exercise, I hope I can play it, I only just worked it out. So it starts out with a C# note high with an A bass. So I'm hitting C# there, then I go to the D note, and then open A. So here it goes. Give yourself time, go slowly, it's challenging and it's hard. But as you just saw, it is doable, and it all fits together nicely. It is a bit of a brain teaser, and a mechanical motorskill teaser, as well. But with practice, diligence, and repetition - your friend repetition - it will come together, I promise.