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Watch the Hammer-on Etude: Am online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from Fingerstyle Milestones

It's time for our next big milestone, and that is learning a song. Now, before we learn this song that I've written for you, called Beginner's Blues, there are a few techniques that I haven't shown you yet, that I'd like to show you before I teach you the song. Hammer-ons come first, and I'm going to do this exercise for you really slowly. So what I'm doing there is I'm playing the bass with my thumb, and then I'm hammering on. It looks really easy, doesn't it? But let me just say it's quite difficult when you haven't done it before, and you will fumble around a little bit for a while, but that's okay, you're like me, you're human! So that's the first exercise. The second is pull-offs and hammer-ons. This is good because it's working your pinkey, which is normally the weakest link. So what I'm doing is playing an A minor there, and pulling down with the little finger, which is quite a hard exercise, and you would be quite lucky to get it if you're just starting out. But I hope you prove me wrong! Wow, it's hypnotic when you play it like that.