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Watch the Fingerstyle Milestones online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from Fingerstyle Milestones

Hi, I'm Tommy Emmanuel. Welcome to Fingerstyle Milestones. In my travels I meet people of all levels who play guitar. I meet people who have already been playing guitar for a long time, I meet some players that are good and some players that are just starting out. At whatever level you are at this course is going to be the one that will help you get started in fingerstyle. Learning fingerstyle is a series of milestones. The most important ones are those early milestones, the ones where you learn the skills to really get the thumb going and to get the independence in your right hand. I've organized this course into four sections. The first section is orientation. Here we are going to talk about different guitars, and the reasons why we use different guitars, and also strings and thumbpicks. All of the things I think are important for you to have knowledge of before you get started. The second section is boomchick. Boomchick is the sound that the thumb makes. So I'm going to show you the importance of the angle of the thumb. where you put your thumbpick, and how you put your hand. All of that stuff. It's all important in getting the right sound with boomchick. Section three is a bit more difficult. Keeping the thumb going, bringing the fingers in, all that kind of stuff. You're going to love it. Section four is about learning songs and learning exercises. These exercises that I've come up with for you are specifically designed to give you the skills with which to play these kinds of songs and these arrangements. The exercises are hammer-ons, pull-offs, thumb exercises. A lot of things that you're going to need to develop the skill to play these songs. Everything is tabbed and in music notation for you. There's interactive tab as well, where you can go in and slow things down, you can loop sections. I'm sure with this course that all of your questions will be answered and all the road blocks that you think are in front of you are just going to slowly disappear because we're going to explain everything and everything will be answered. Okay, enough talk now let's get to work. Grab your guitar.

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