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Watch the Barre Chord Etude: G online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from Fingerstyle Milestones

The next exercise is playing boom chick using bar chords. Now, we've done the E before, so basically if you play up here in G where the bar chord is, it's basically the same as the E, you just move it up. We're going to spell out the chords G, C, D, G. Playing the boom chick using these shapes sounds like this. Being able to do that, and know those shapes is going to help you in the future when you're trying to come up with arrangements of songs and you're looking for positions where you can get the melody and keep the boom chick going underneath, you're going to be able to get that if you know these positions. The other thing I wanted to point out is that when I play C in a bar chord like that you'll notice these fingers are grouped together, becaues it's stronger if you use a couple of fingers together. So we've got G, C, D, G. In this style you don't get up the dusty end of the guitar too often, but it is fun up there. Chet Atkins had a great arrangment of a song called Mystery Train, an Elvis Presley tune, and he played right up here. So I'm still getting the low bass notes, but getting the melody up high. So as you can see, all of this you can move around and find those positions, you've just got to keep looking.