Watch the Hope Street online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from It's Never Too Late Songbook

"Hope Street" was written in my head without the guitar in my hands. I was driving to Liverpool, where The Beatles are from. The night before I had watched Martin Scorsese's documentary on George Harrison's life, called Living in the Material World. I was so inspired by George's life and the things he wrote, played, sang, and said. He inspired me in just about every way that you can imagine. I got this idea for the song, and I had to drive to Liverpool, and started to map it out. As I get in to Liverpool, and I'm getting close to my hotel and checking in, ready to take my guitar out to finish it, I suddenly have the thought in my head, "I wonder what I could call this song?" Just at that moment, my navigation said, "In 500 meters, turn right onto Hope Street." That was it! And also, that's where the Liverpool Philharmonic is, and where a lot of the places that The Beatles played. So, here it is, for your listening pleasure: "Hope Street".