Watch the Cakewalk online guitar lesson by Tommy Emmanuel from Fingerstyle Breakthroughs

In this segment Tommy shows you how to play the song "Cakewalk".

This is one of the Mt. Everest-esque peaks of playing fingerstyle guitar, so I wish you luck. This is played in Eb, worked out from Roger Woodward's piano version of the tune, a sort of "definitive version" played with great power and command.

There are quite a few techniques to take note of here. Take advantage of the second section of this course to practice stretches, changing keys, muting techniques, etc. to really nail the tune. Pay special attention to the staccato effect, almost like a string section plucking in unison, as well as the slide leading into it at the end of the opening phrase. One of the more difficult parts of this song is a passage in which you must cover two strings with your thumb in order to play the bass part correctly. Don't be intimidated by this, with practice your hands will start to anticipate the position and you'll be able to play through it naturally. Good luck thrill seekers!