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Watch the C# Phrygian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Concepts

In this Power Concepts lesson, you'll be applying the C# minor pentatonic scale over a C# Phrygian chord progression. A C# Phrygian progression is created by using chords derived from the A major scale, however the progression will resolve to the III minor chord, C# minor.

The C# minor pentatonic scale is also derived from the A major scale and contains all of the Sweet Notes found in the C# minor 7th chord, which is going to make applying this Phryigian Power Concept so melodic and tasty.

C# minor pentatonic contains I -b3 - 4 - 5 - b7. So, the only note that won't be a strong resolution or Sweet Note is the F# note (4). You can still use this note throughout your solo if you want to, but don't land on it as a resolution point over this C# Phrygian progression.

Check out the video and sample solo to hear this Power Concept in action, then apply your own minor pentatonic licks over the cool jam track. Remember to phrase your ideas, don't just play them!