Watch the Let the Chords do the Work online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Lick Logic

A really good example that explains the name of this section occurs in blues tunes where you'll hear the improviser play the same lick over all three dominant chords. The underlying harmony (chord) is having a different effect over each chord because the notes will have a different relationship to the chord. This approach doesn't have to be limited to the blues and similar genres of music; we can use this approach in any style of music and it's an excellent way to develop motifs, memorable hooks, and even award winning melodies.

Motifs are phrases or licks that are very melodic in nature that we can repeat to establish a sense of familiarity with the listener. Motifs are often a great way to start a solo section. The motif can be referenced throughout the solo as a way of keeping the listener engaged by a musical theme. Let's create a simple motif and see how we can use one simple idea to anchor a complete solo section.