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Watch the Finding Your Musical Identity online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Lick Logic

I feel very fortunate to have developed a musical style that is tonally and musically discernible from a lot of other players. I mean that in the most humble way, but it's a comment I get from a lot of guys: "I could tell your playing anywhere...", "I could pick you out of 100 guitarists...", and believe me, it has been a conscious effort to do so.

Since an early age, I embraced my individuality and never wanted to be anyone else. I truly admire others, but I have no desire to be or sound like them. I have never learnt someone else licks or studied their style. Has my style and music been influenced by other guitarists and music? Of course; we are inspired by others and then we can create our own music from that inspiration.

My choice not to learn other people's licks and riffs boiled down to the fact that I truly believe that if we are given the same clay and hand tools as another artist, surely our personality can shape the clay into it's own original work of art! The more we work the clay, the more refined and defined our talents and style become. It takes some time, but the payoff is huge and you will start to understand that composing phrases and licks comes from the internal library of ideas you've already created. You just have to develop the skills to represent them in a new way given the situation at hand. This is what style and personality is all about: We say the same things using different phrasing and re-order the notes from ideas we have played before. This is why you can discern Clapton from Beck and Lukather from Cray. They are unique but they are also repackaging their own ideas, so we get to identify with their voice until we know it's them every time.

I can understand that many guys have a hard time knowing where to start this development process, and therefore this course was born to inspire you to embrace your own ideas and to know that it's also OK to borrow an idea from someone else and then re-shape it to become your own (Providing you are not copying a melody note for note - consequences may occur if you do that and release it for sale, and then you'll need an attorney!).