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Watch the Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads

Not every musician wants a chord chart on their bedroom wall. Yet, how do you make the leap from grasping open chords and one or two barre chord forms to easily memorizing and utilizing other chord shapes? With Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads, you'll quickly understand the theory and application behind creating triads and be able to play your own chord voicings over a wide variety of popular stylized song forms.

The course is broken up into three sections: Section 1 examines how to build major triads and covers topics such as learning the notes on the neck, building chords from the major scale, finding major triads throughout the five open CAGED chords shapes, and understanding and creating smaller hip inversions and utilizing them in songs. Section 2 takes an in-depth look at minor chords and enables you to play minor triads all over the neck in both large and small voicings. Section 3 examines other chord forms such as diminished, augmented, and suspended chords. Each section explains how to create and apply chord voicings that will enhance the way you play songs and also inspire compositional ideas. Examples within each section contain standard notation and tab as well as charts and rhythm tracks so you can hear the chords you create and apply them rhythmically in the context of songs.

Guitarists play rhythm guitar 90% of the time, so break free of limitations and embrace the world of chords. By understanding chord creation and visualizing voicings on the neck, your lead playing will also take on a new lease of life. Whether you're playing in a band, recording rhythm parts in a studio, or just jamming at home, spice up your chord knowledge and eliminate the need to ever again reach for that oversized chord book.