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Watch the Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Chord Navigator: CAGED Triads

So what have we learned? Well hopefully something! To be able to confidently play chords you have to understand the way they are built, and if you have a decent knowledge of the notes on the neck and the major scale, then you can easily build all the triads you'll ever need! By utilizing the CAGED system and spending some time working through the shapes in different keys and with different chord progressions, you'll find that they become part of your musical DNA and you'll be able to embellish chords and make them your own.

As we guitarists spend most of our time playing rhythm, don't become stuck playing that one E barre chord shape, waiting for the solo to come around. Listen closely to what the other musicians are doing (or the jam tracks), and embrace your rhythm playing and get creative. Thanks for letting me navigate you through CAGED triads. Visit me online at for more lessons and music.