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Watch the E min 9 Funky Vamp Soloing online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Vamps, Jams and Improv

Playing a solo using guide tones is introduced here in this E minor 7 vamp. I like to have a plan when constructing an improvised solo. One approach is selecting a particular tone to revolve your ideas around thereby constructing a logical, melodic solo. I use the 9th in this jam. You can start an idea on the 9th or end a melodic line or idea on the 9th or choose any one of the other guide tones to build melodic ideas around.
We'll reference "question and answer" again as this is very important to the soloist, especially on guitar as it teaches us to listen to what we are playing and also teaches us to "breath" during a solo. I discuss arpeggio's a bit, which are also great building blocks for solos.
We'll also cover picking in different areas of the guitar, which produces different sounds without using effects. Expressions such as vibrato and bends are covered as well.