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Watch the B7 Funky Jam Soloing Tech online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Vamps, Jams and Improv

We delve into horizontal playing in this segment playing the B7 arpeggio and B mixolydian scale on all the six strings moving horizontally up and down the fingerboard. This helps you connect your fingers to your ears and helps you to slow down your playing forcing you to play more melodically.
I strongly advise that you play all 12 major scales moving horizontally up and down the fingerboard on each of the six strings. This will take a few weeks to get through all 12 major scales on each of the 6 strings but it's well worth the effort.
We discuss vibrato, mixing different tonal centers and review the clave rhythm. We also go over how to create different fingerings for the mixolydian scale using each note in the scale as a string changing point. Jam it up!