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Watch the 4 Chord Jam Em-Gm-Bbm-Dbm online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Vamps, Jams and Improv

In this four chord jam on minor 7th chords, starting with E minor 7th and moving up in minor 3rds, we discuss target tones and octaves. For the first approach, I play single lines targeting tones in the next chord to have a goal at the end of a melodic line -- sort of a pre-determined note I'll plan to end a phrase with.
The second approach is using octaves for a more mellow sound reminiscent of the great Wes Montgomery. This is a great tool to use as it slows one down so as not to play too much and it forces one to think more melodically as opposed to playing scales and patterns at baling speed.
Experiment with effects. Chorus, delay, flange and phaser are all really great effects -- if used correctly and honestly.
Thanks for tuning me in for Vamps, Jams and Improvisation! I hope you have as much fun playing along with the course as I had making it.