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Watch the Lydian Sharp Five Application online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

To memorize the the Lydian #5; think of it as a Lydian mode but you are sharping the 5 along the #4. The Lydian #5 mode has one avoid note the 6th. Try using a Major7#5 chord when improvising with this mode. Some of the modes we are studying will use chords that you haven't learned. If that is the case I recommend using the Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One as a source for the commonly played chords and typical voicings that professional guitarists use. This book also contains chord progressions that will help you apply chords to typical chord progressions.
Scales! Modes! Reading! Who needs all of this!!!
For some students the basic idea of a course of study where you look at different scales and how to use them in a methodical way goes against their feeling that music should be a self-taught manifestation of their inner genius. The mantra being "X musician never studied music, man, and he/she is killing". While I would agree that the ability and music expressed by many of the musicians in the 60's would fall into this category I would also say that many of these musicians learned from each other. If your circle of friends includes people with the ability of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Ray Charles and Igor Stavinsky then the ideas and things that you all share back and forth will most likely guide you along the correct path. On the other hand if you are out there with few peers to push the parameters of your ability then the odds are that you are not going to be stimulated to grow or do anything beyond the lowest common denominator. And if you want to be a good musician, eventually you will get very frustrated. I think a better way to approach this is to define the skills these great musicians have and pursue those abilities with discipline and clarity. In Total Modal we will look at ways to practice so that you can improve in a natural way while still developing the skills I've previously mentioned.