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Watch the Lydian Application online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

The Lydian mode is very close to a major mode but you are just sharping the 4th.
Total Modal will present you with many ways to practice and apply each scale so that you get the maximum use out of each scale. Once you understand ideas like modal sequencing, articulation or even more advanced ideas of modal superimposition you will begin to realize that there really isn't ever an end to the possibilities that you can explore with modes. Total Modal will also help organize your practice time so that you absorb the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time.
The best way to learn from this study of modes is to approach it as you would any crucial subject: with respect and awareness of its potential. One of the main stumbling blocks I find in students is that they approach learning with preconceived ideas or prejudices. A great guitarist from LA by the name of Mike Miller once told me a story of a clinic he was giving where he was talking about intervals. He starting talking about each interval; it's qualities and how it could be used. When he was about half way through a student raised his hand and said “Yeah, yeah, yeah that's all great but could you just show me the important intervals so I can learn the ones I really need?” That’s like saying “I know there’s 26 letters in the alphabet, but could you just give me the ones most used?” Although this is an extreme example this kind of narrow mindedness will stunt your growth and impede your progress.