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Watch the Locrian Natural Two online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

Locrian Natural 2 is one of the more difficult modes to hear. As I explained in the videos this mode is used over a minor 7th b5 chord. It is easier to remember a Locrian Natural 2 mode if you think of it as a Locrian mode where you have a natural 2 degree. The Locrian natural 2 has no avoid notes.
Your goals guide your practice. Before starting with a new student I always ask, "what are your goals with music," and "how do you want to sound on the guitar?” These goals and aspirations can varying greatly but it's important to match up what you want to become with what you practice balanced by the amount of time you have to devote to the task. If you are just fascinated with the guitar, but have no professional aspirations, you will most probably not need as much time to devote to the instrument as someone with a burning passion to excel. It is also important to revisit these issues from time to time to adjust yourself because your goals and aspirations can change over time.
Most students have an hour to practice each day. One hour will give you enough time to make progress but you should realize that it will be slow going. Still, depending on your aspirations this could be fine. If you are more ambitious and you have 2 hours you will progress more quickly and be able to work on every aspect of your musicianship. Two to four hours will start you on the road to becoming a professional musician. Devoting four or more hours will allow you to become a world class guitarist.