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Watch the Charts online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

Welcome to Total Modal. The primary goal of this course is to teach you about modes and their uses in music. You can revisit what you will discover here year after year because exploring the modes is an unending and rewarding experience; there is always another way to apply a mode that creates something new and unexpected. If you approach this course with an open mind you will find it to be a deep resource of ideas that reveal the underlying theoretical principles of each scale. You can then improvise, compose and create new ideas with the modes you may already know, and possibly learn some new ones to spice up your palette of sound.
The study of modes is a lifetime pursuit. No course can teach you how to “master” modes in a few months. Scales can obviously help you with improvising but hopefully as you explore the videos and help files included in this course you will realize that modes can be practiced in many ways and by exploring different paths you can create many of the sounds you hear other musicians play. But they will also show you how you can develop ideas that haven't been fully explored so that you can create music that is uniquely yours. Total Modal will also help you understand how to use modes to:
1. Compose new songs.
2. Find new chord ideas.
3. Find ideas to fill out accompanying parts for your original music.
4. Help you understand how other compositions were written.
I've included a variety of charts and reference material, which I explain in the second video. Print these charts out and study them as you work through the course.
I've also included dozens of practice rhythm tracks for each mode both within the context of a mode's lesson and on the accompanying Total Modal JamBox. Working with these tracks will develop your ear and feed your improvisational and composition skills.
You'll also find a variety of Study Tips woven throughout the course. I've found these to be invaluable aids for learning and performing music.
OK, enough talk. Let's dig in!
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Bruce Arnold plays Peavey Guitars, Peavey Amps and La Bella Strings
Mr. Arnold used the following equipment during the production of this course:
Peavey V-Type* NTB TR Guitar
Peavey JSX Amp
Special Thanks to David Ellefson of Peavey Electronics Corp for supplying Guitars and Amps for Mr. Arnold and to Michal Shapiro of LinkTV for proofreading and helpful suggestions.