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Watch the Ascending Melodic Minor Application online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

Jazz Minor is a melodic minor mode ascending. When you first begin working with this mode it seems rather strange. Over time you will find more uses for this mode. You actually can play a jazz minor over a minor chord when it's a one minor chord. Try using the minor chord vamps and play the jazz minor mode over this vamp you will notice it has an intriguing sound.
If you look at the diatonic triad chords of jazz minor you will notice you have a whole new list of chords that can be combined to create chord progressions. Also take a look at the diatonic 7th chord. Composing songs with these chords will create very interesting sounding harmony.
Why Do You Play Music? In order for Total Modal to have a Total Effect you need to understand some bigger issues of how your overall approach to music affects your ability to play and the amount of pleasure you will experience through your involvement with it.
People express themselves through music in many ways and for many reasons. The reasons for this expression usually vary from the silly (they want to be perceived as sexy) to the most profound (it’s a calling). It's my belief that a person needs some underlying basic beliefs when playing music in order for it to have a positive force in your life and something that gives you pleasure. I've listed below some underlying conditions that are the basis for not only a long career in music but a journey filled with good experiences. These are:
1. an internal feeling of joy and accomplishment from expressing yourself through music
2. the feeling of energy, inspiration and comradeship you get from interaction with other musicians.
3. understanding that you are a "work in progress" and each day is an opportunity to improve your ability.
There are of course many other reasons people are involved with music but I've found that if you don't have a bit of numbers 1-3 your most likely won't continue with music or if you do you won't be that happy or find much reward in continuing your involvement.