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Watch the Altered Scale online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Total Modal

Students usually find Altered to be a hard mode to hear and apply. Use the dominant 7th chord vamps with the Altered mode. Also try writing some vamps over the jam tracks to help you apply the mode. The Altered mode is commonly used over a dominant 7th chord when it is resolving to a minor chord. You could make some vamps of a C Dominant 7th b6 chord resolving to a F minor chord and apply the Altered over the dominant chord to hear another use of the chord.
The Altered Mode has no avoid notes. You will hear people talk about playing an Altered Mode over an Altered Chord by this they mean that an altered chord can have a b2, b3, b5 and a b6 in any combination.
If you are a singer or songwriter you should spend the rest of your time exploring the mode you learned or the chords you are working on to create new music. Don't worry if your writing takes you off to another place as you get into it. This is fine. Try to catalog your ideas in a computer or use notation programs or live/sequencing programs like Finale or Garage-Band to keep track of your ideas. Remember even a small idea should be cataloged because these can grow into larger ideas as the days pass.

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