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Watch the Soloing Approaches online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

Now that we have learned all of the muted funk riffs for the whole progression, let's play through those before moving on. I have written out a sample solo utilizing the E minor pentatonic scale for all of the licks. Let me explain why this works. This scale over an E9 chord gives us the root note (E), the Mi3rd (G) which we can blues bend up to the ma3rd (G#), the 4th which is (A) which we can use as a passing tone, (B) the 5th and last but not least (D) the b7. This gives us three Sweet Notes and one implied bend to a Sweet Note over the E9 chord.

Over the F#7#9 chord the scale gives us the (E) b7, (G) the b9, (A or G##) which is the #9 , (B) is the 4th and (D) which is a b6 or #5. So we have two chord tones. Two of the other tones are alterations of the 2nd and the 5th making this a great scale to use if you wanted to make the F#7 chord an F#7(b9) or an F#7#5 chord. As a side note, altered dominant chords such as this are interchangeable and the different alterations just give flavors. The purpose of the alteration as we discussed is to enhance the resolution or 'pull' to the next chord.

E minor pentatonic applied over B7#5 gives us (E) the 4th, (G or F##) the #5, (A) the b7, (B) our root note and (D) the Mi3rd which we can implied bend to the Ma3rd (D#). So we can see that there are three "Sweet Notes" one implied bend and a 4th which we can use as a passing tone.

Let's learn the sample solo one bar (measure) at a time. Bar 1 A bluesy lick hitting the 'Sweet Notes along the way. I have indicated between the TAB and notation where the "Sweet Notes" fall for the longest duration. Bar 2 A simple lick in the lower register of our scale resolving to D the b7. Bar 3 I really wanted to nail the #9 in this lick so I started with the G## (A) and also resolved there too. Bar 4 I manage to hit the b7 (A) the #5 (F##) and the root note in this lick. I resolve to the root of E9 in bar 5. O.K. Let's play the whole thing with some conviction and feeling!