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Watch the F9 Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

Play the F9 chord shape and name the notes in the chord F A C Eb G. Now superimpose the A minor pentatonic scale shape over the F9 chord and name the notes. We can see that the scale has three of the chord tones A C and G. Target these "Sweet Notes" when using A minor pentatonic over an F9 chord.

Lick 1 I borrowed the b5 (Eb) from the A blues scale to hit the b7 of the F9 chord and then resolved the lick to the 9th (G). The E natural from the A minor pentatonic scale sounds tense over the F9 due to the fact that it is a major 7th over a chord with a b7th. Be careful not to resolve here on the F9 chord! Lick 2 This sassy little lick resolves nicely to the 5th (C) of F9. Be careful not to over bend the semitone bend at the beginning of this phrase. Bending flat is usually better than bending sharp when playing blues.Lick 3 A minor pentatonic lick resolving to A, the major 3rd of F9.

Play the F9 arpeggio shape starting at F, the root note and name the notes in the arpeggio. F-G-A-C-Eb. These are all really strong resolutions over the F9 chord and make for some tasty licks.

Lick 1 This is a 16th note descending F9 arpeggio lick with some chromatic passing tones added for flavor before resolving to the b7 (Eb). The chromatic phrase is from the F - E - Eb.Lick 2 This is an F9 arpeggio lick that culminates with a semi-tone bend to the Eb (b7). I have chosen to resolve to the b7 as it is a little more unusual to resolve here but sounds fabulous all the same!