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Watch the E9 Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

Play an E9 chord shape at the 5th fret and name the notes in the chord E G# B D F#.Superimpose the A minor pentatonic scale over the chord and name the notes. We can see that the scale has only two of the chord tones, E and D. These are the "Sweet Notes" to aim for when resolving phrases from A minor pentatonic over an E9 chord.

Lick 1 Try not to rush the triplet figure after playing the 16th note phrase. The lick culminates with a whole tone bend from D up to E. Lick 2 This lick really reinforces the chord tone resolution of the E and D notes. I added the Eb chromatic passing tone just for flavor.

You are probably beginning to realize now why I am teaching you chord arpeggios. Scales we have been taught to use in our everyday practical guitar playing sometimes have limited resolution points and "Sweet Notes". Learning and using chord arpeggios to improvise with gives us more choices for stronger resolutions and the ability to outline the harmonic structure regardless of a harmonic instrument in the musical arrangement. Let's learn the E9 arpeggio at the 5th fret and create some licks to use.

Lick 1 A simple one bar E9 arpeggio phrase that begins and resolves to the F# which is the 9th in the E9 chord.Lick 2 This is an E9 arpeggio phrase that resolves to the G# which is the major 3rd. Play this phrase again but this time resolve to the B (5th) on the 3rd string, and one final time resolving to the root (E) on the 5th fret 2nd string.