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Watch the D minor 7th Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

Play the Dm 7 chord shape at the 5th fret and name the notes in the chord D F A C. Now superimpose the A minor pentatonic scale over the Dm 7 chord and name the notes in the scale. We can see that A minor pentatonic has three of the four chord tones of Dm 7. The "Sweet Notes" are D A and C. So when you improvise over this chord using this scale you should try to target those notes when you resolve your phrases.

Lick 1: Notice that the notes that have the longest value are all "Sweet Notes". We start on D the root, then C the b7th, A is next and ties across the bar line and the lick finally resolves to D. Play this lick again and resolve to the C on the 3rd string.