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Watch the Bb7 Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

The second chord in our progression is Bb7. Let's learn a chord voicing at the 3rd fret so we can cross reference the notes in the chord and the notes in the G minor pentatonic scale. O.K., play the chord and name the notes in the chord Bb - D - F - Ab. Now superimpose the G minor pentatonic scale over the Bb7 chord and see what notes are common tones. Bb - D - F are found in both chord and scale. Yep, these are the "Sweet Notes"! Before we learn some lick Ideas using the G minor pentatonic scale you might be interested to know that G minor pentatonic is also Bb major pentatonic if you start and resolve to Bb. G minor being the relative minor to Bb major. More on this later in the course. Exciting stuff!

And now the licks... Lick 1 A lick resolving to the root Bb. Lick 2 A lick that resolves to the 3rd (D). Lick 3 A lick that resolves to the 5th (F).

A question you might be asking yourself by now is, why are we still using the pentatonic scales when the arpeggios take care of giving us all the chord tones in one compact and beautiful package? It's a good question and my answer to that is, I wanted to break you into this new realm gently and let you realize that there are potentially more focused tools available for your improvisations especially when all of the chords in a progression don't fall neatly under one key centre or tonal centre (more on this later too!) Don't get me wrong I think the pentatonic scales are the most versatile and easy to learn scales we can use and I like to add my arpeggios to the pentatonic scales for additional flexibility and tonal variances.

I know, too much talk and not enough action! So let's learn the Bb7 arpeggio shape and some licks at the 3rd fret. Play through the arpeggio shape and name the notes Bb - D - F - Ab. Lick 1 This is a bluesy triplet lick resolving to the Root (Bb). Lick 2 A swung 16th note lick resolving to the 3rd (D). Lick 3 The first triplet in this lick is a chromatic passage from G to F. The final resolve is (F) the 5th. Lick 4 This lick starts and resolves to the b7 (Ab).