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Watch the B7#5 Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

B7(#5) is an altered dominant chord that has a very strong resolution to the 'One' chord, our E9. This is due to the fact that the #5 of the B7#5 is a semi-tone away from the 9th and 3rd of the E9 chord. The 3rd (D#) of B7#5 is also a semi-tone away from the root of the E9 chord. Let's learn the chord voicing for B7#5 at the 7th fret and name the notes B - A - D# - F##. Now let's learn the arpeggio shape for this chord.

We are going to learn a couple of muted funk riffs from our sample chord progressions.

Muted Lick 1 This is a muted one octave 16th note riff using all four of our "Sweet Notes". The lick culminates with a unison bend (one note stays static and you bend another note up to meet the same pitch as the static note). This unison bend could be any of our Sweet Notes but I have chosen the #5 for this example. Muted Lick 2 This idea starts at the A (b7) and resolves to the B (root). I play the chord on the last beat of the bar to solidify the resolve back to E9. Lead Lick 1 An arpeggio triplet lick resolving to D# (3rd). Lead Lick 2 An arpeggio triplet lick idea starting on the #5 (F##) and resolving to the #5 (F##). Lead Lick 3 This is a really simple E minor pentatonic scale lick over the B7#5, resolving to the #5 (F##).