Watch the A minor 9th Extensions online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Sweet Notes

O.K, have you ever wondered why your favorite guitarist sounds so good and how they seem to play these exotic notes that don't exist on your fretboard? Here's a potential answer to that question. Chord extensions! Remember that we talked about chord tones ('Sweet Notes') being the notes in the chords you are playing over! Well if you add extensions like 9th's, 11th's or 13th's to your chords they become chord tones too, which means you can resolve to them! In one of our last examples we resolved to the 9th of E9. If this had been an E7 chord the 9th resolved in the melody would have sounded unsettled or unresolved. Let's hear some licks that resolve to the extensions I'm talking about.

(Chord diagrams of these voicings have been provided)

Lick 1 This lick is derived from the A minor pentatonic scale and I have added the B note, which is the 9th for the semi-tone bend and ultimately the resolution, played over an Amin9 chord. Lick 2 A very simple A minor pentatonic phrase resolving to the 9th of the Amin9 chord.

***Please note that at 1.17 in this video segment I refer to using an A7 arpeggio, I meant to say an Am 7arpeggio***