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Watch the 40 Day SWAT Camp online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 40 Day Rhythm SWAT Camp

Upon first picking up a guitar we all did the same thing--learned a few chords and bashed away with reckless abandon. Man! It was fun, but eventually the realization this assault on those six strings needed to get some groove on and so started the life-long study of rhythm guitar. To that end we bring you 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp--a colossal boot camp-style journey into playing your guitar with style(s).

Here at TrueFire we have an incredible archive of lessons from the most revered guitar-centric educators. What's more, we have accompanying audio tutorials from many of the original writers! Over the years we've assembled various CD-ROMs containing these informative packages and among them, the original 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp was one of the most popular. So much so, we set out to create a new and improved, revamped video version of this amazing collection of genius. All together not only are the original text and audio components present, you now have the advantage of actually seeing how it's done and you have over 20 new lessons to chew on. In addition to the PDF versions of the lessons--many from their initial publication--there will be Power Tab charts of all the licks, riffs, and vamps where you'll be able to slow down the passage in the Power Tab MIDI player so you can zero in on any details you like without altering the pitch.

I, Chris Buono, will be your host [ie: task master] for the next 40-Days and beyond. Not only will you see me in your TrueFire player guiding you through the lessons at hand, but I will also be adding my own gist on the concepts contained within the lessons for even more fodder for thought. The pleasure was all mine as I combed through the halls of TrueFire and the TrueFire forum searching for subject matter to make 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp even better. Careful attention was given to rounding out the compilation giving you an even broader palette of styles to gain knowledge.

Within the 11 hours (!) of video content we will explore rhythm guitar styles ranging from rock to rumba and everything in-between. Starting with the inimitable "Bo Diddley beat" we'll check out the inner workings of the triplet swing feel, dive into fresh approaches to playing a shuffle, deeply study the basics and beyond of funk rhythms, get introduced to chord substitutions, dissect those cool Hendrix-y chord embellishments, drop that low E string and chug some dropped-D riffage; even learn how to how spice up those acoustic campfire grooves. And that's just the tip of the headstock, folks. Along the way we'll take some days to focus on various rhythm guitar stalwarts (some of whom may have been criminally under your radar) such as Pete Townshend, Chuck Berry, Kenny Burrell, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Charlie Hunter, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker; even Avi Bortnick from Sco's jamband era and Ernest Shamblin of the Texas Playboys. Who's Ernest Shamblin you ask? Just wait until Day 22! Not only was the content dissected, but so was the order of things. The flow of these next 40-Days was set up so you are constantly engaging new grooves while building upon the basics of styles that have more than one inclusion. You'll have your long days; you'll have your seemingly short days, but one thing is for sure: Everyday will be an adventure.

The coolest part about 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp is that aforementioned adventure. To get the most out of the course try committing to the 40-day process you have before you. Set aside some time, say a half-hour, and let everyday be a day of six-string discovery. It's completely OK if you don't make it through the lesson that day. The goal is to pique your inner rhythm machine and to engulf your mind, body, and soul within the loads of very cool approaches to playing rhythm guitar. I want you to be inspired by what's out there and to come out of this 40-Day journey as a newly christened rhythm guitar devotee.

OK, enough talk! Get your guitar, tell your loved ones you'll see them on the other side and let's do it to it.

P.S. It's OK if a print out of my mug becomes a fixture on your dartboard. I realize no one likes their drill Sergeant and I forgive you in advance.