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Watch the 40 Day SWAT Camp online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 40 Day Rhythm SWAT Camp

Ya done good, soldier. You made it through the 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp. Whether it was done in the proposed 40 days or not, the important part is you exposed yourself to the myriad rhythmic elements of this course and are revved up to continue your journey. First order of business is to go back to whatever lessons you may have only had to time to gloss over (I put my money on most of the Jesse Gress lessons will need a re-visit) and dig in. This is especially true with the lessons that really got your mojo working. Now is the time to sink your fingers into every last nook and crannie and flesh out the details. At the same time, hopefully you will have discovered some new avenues of rhythm guitar to go down as well making these 40 days an all-encompassing good time! As with any new or developing concept in your playing, it’s imperative you take these new found and/or emerging skills to the jam session. There and only there will you see the true fruits of your labor as you dazzle your compatriots with rhythmic diversity, in-the-pocket precision and overall groove supremacy.

Thank you so much for embarking on this great journey with me. I wish you much success in your rhythmic endeavors and sincerely hope you continue your rhythm guitar sojourns. Be sure to check out my current video courses for TrueFire including Funk Fission as well as the ones to come! From TrueFire to Guitar Player magazine to Course Technology to touring to pedal geekin’ I’m everywhere. To keep up with my beautifully hectic to-do list visit me on the web at You can also follow me on Twitter and link up with me on Facebook.

See you next time!

P.S.S. This is the part where you bid bittersweet farewell to your drill Sergeant with honor and glory in your eyes. Meaning, it’s OK to take down that acutely swiss-cheese’d mug from your dartboard now.