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Watch the Rock Solos 3 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Solology

This lesson will fill your bag with a few new phrasing and melodic options over a heavy driving straight eighth groove. We'll start with simple licks out of the minor pentatonic scale and then displace them rhythmically. This is an effective but often overlooked tool for saying a lot with a few notes. Then we'll explore different modal colors by superimposing the dorian, aeolian and phrygian modes over the minor pentatonic scale. And let's not forget the good ole' blues scale! Harmonic Overview
Chords: F#Min7 Street Key: F#: IMin7 Theoretical Key: E: IIMin7
Mode: F#Dor Parent Scale: EMaj Pentatonic Options: EMaj Pent, G#Min Pent
Option #2 Chords: F#Min7 Theoretical Key: A: VIMin7 Mode: F#Aeo Parent Scale: AMaj Pentatonic Options: F#Min Pent, EMaj Pent
Option #3 Chords: F#Min7 Theoretical Key: D: IIIMin7 Mode: F#Phry Parent Scale: DMaj Pentatonic Options: F#Min Pent, EMin Pent
Option #4Chords: F#7#9 F# Half-Whole Dim F# Blues F#Min Pent